Sunday, February 5, 2017

InCoWriMo 2017! (International Correspondence Writing Month)

From the FAQ page on their official site:

What is InCoWriMo?

InCoWriMo is the short name for International Correspondence Writing Month, otherwise known as February. With an obvious nod to NaNoWriMo for the inspiration, InCoWriMo challenges you to hand-write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February.

Ok. So you forgot about InCoWriMo 2017 and it's already February 5th already... fear not! You can still "catch up" by writing extra notes/letters/postcards during the rest of February...

Now, I, myself am a wee bit behind in writing... but I *did* write a "Get Well" card to a friend on Feb 2nd--Groundhog Day--with this lovely Bexley Poseidon Magnum:
(click on image to enlarge)

The Bexley has been one of my Grail Pens (along with the Signum Nova pen in my previous post) and I was so happy to have found one for sale and in a pattern I adore (a gorgeous non-production colour called "Admiral Red") on eBay. It is uses a cartridge/converter-filling mechanism and sports a gold-plated two-tone nib.

In the photo above, the Poseidon is being held by Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog, who predicted six more weeks of winter. Given Vancouver's recent snowy weather, I think Phil was right, so stay warm, everyone :)

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