Thursday, May 18, 2017

April meeting photos--Part 1

Our April 2017 meeting (held at the Vancouver Public Library's Terry Salman branch) had a very good turnout, with 25 members in attendance, including newcomers Eva, Jessica, Kai and Steven. Christopher R generously donated two door prizes---a calligraphy set and leather wallet with pen holder, won by Bruce and Kai, respectively (thanks, Christopher!).

Now, without further ado, here are the photos I snapped that night (more photos--this time from Ricardo-- in Part 2, which I will post later)....
Richard W's mystery Pilot fountain pen in green lizardskin made in the 1960s/1970s.
Kiyoshi's Platinum 'Balance' in lovely wine red acrylic.
Another shot of the Platinum 'Balance. Kiyoshi also brought in a Pilot 'Plumix' and the ever-popular Pilot 'Metropolitan' for our meeting theme.
(from top) Stuart's Pilot 'Petit', newly-acquired Waterman 'Lady Taperite', and new TWSBI 580 AL in a soft metallic blue.
Another new acquisition of Stuart's a nifty Waterman C/F set (fountain pen and ballpoint), with original box.
(from top) Mohammed's Pilot 'Vanishing Point' in matte black, Pilot '823' in Amber (one of the pens on my Pen Wish List 2017 :) and a Pilot 'Metropolitan' in the Retro Pop Turquoise colour. Mohammed also brought in his new purchase, a vintage Waterman '52' for us to see (not pictured).
Tony's Japanese pens--an all-metal Muji fountain pen (cylindrical body with a knurled section--I love that feature), a Pilot 'Kakuno', and a glossy black Pilot 743 with an FA nib (note the cutout-nib design).
Alejandra's pen case, filled with some wonderful modern (and one vintage) fountain pens...
Mindy's intriguing bone dip pen and Pilot Heritage '912'. Her clear Pilot 'Penmanship' fountain pen is in the upper-left-hand corner.
Alejandra's orange pen case with some recent acquisitions--- a clear TWSBI 'Vac Mini' (middle pen), and a golden Lamy 'LX'.
Harry brought in some pens and ink for sale, including the grey Penol fountain pen, and a black Parker '45'.
Harry's EDC (Everyday Carry) pen case.
Christopher with two vintage beauties---a reddish-orange Eclipse flat-top with a replacement accommodation clip and a green marbled Swan (?).
Some lovely vintage fountain pen brought in by new VPCer Kai---(top to bottom) a Conway Stewart fountain pen, a Waterman '94', and a Waterman '54'.
(from left to right) My--Maja's--favourite Japanese fountain pens--a Pilot '74', a Pilot M90 and a Sailor 'Sapporo'.

I didn't photograph their Japanese fountain pens, but thanks also to Bruce for bringing his beautiful Pilot 845 (ebonite body, covered in urushi lacquer---Pilot's top of the line pen model), Barry for bringing his Itoya 'Blade' (I hadn't heard of that model before!) & Pilot Metropolitan pens, Andrew for bringing his Sailor 1911 with uber-cool music nib, and to Jerred for bringing in his Pilot 912, Pilot Legance (the only celluloid pen in Pilot's lineup) and Platinum 3776 pens for us to see...and for explaining the Pilot pen model numbering system ;)

Jerred also brought in some new pens---a resin Pilot 'Falcon' with flexy nib, a Waterman 'Forum' (not a very common brand), and a Parker Sonnet 'clone'. I didn't snap a photo of it either, but Angela brought in a cool "Einstein" fountain pen (purchased at the Vancouver Art Gallery's gift shop) as her new acquisition. Don't forget---new pen-related acquisitions are always our secondary topic, so if you have any new pens, ink or paper, please bring it in for us to see!
Don't forget our meeting tonight (Thursday May 18) at 6:00pm, at a brand-new venue (ie. not a library meeting room!)---full details here, at this link . Hope you can make it!

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