Friday, May 19, 2017

April meeting photos - Part 2

As promised, more photos from our April meeting! These were all taken by Ricardo (many thanks, Ricardo!):
Counterclockwise, from left to right: New VPC member Steven, Andrew, Tim, Lionel, Tony, Mindy, Bruce and Dana.
From L-R: Mindy, Bruce, Dana, Barry, Maja, Kiyoshi and Mido.
From L-R, Dana, Barry, Maja, Kiyoshi, Mido, Alejandra, Richard W, Harry and Jerred.
That's me (Maja) showing one of the two door prizes donated by Christopher (seated, on far left), a calligraphy set (won by Bruce, who kindly gave it to Tony because he already had that set!). The other prize--a leather wallet with pen loop--was won by new member Kai. Many thanks again to Christopher for his generosity!
A nice photo of my Pilot M90
Another nice picture of my M90 :)
Two Sailors---Ricardo's clear ProGear Slim and my black Sapporo.
Dana's red Pilot Falcon, a modern fountain pen that comes with a nice flexy (flexible) nib. Dana also brought in a cool Pilot E95S fountain pen (not pictured), one of the so-called "long-short" models---fountain pens with short barrels & long caps that, when posted, create full-sized fountain pens.
Mido's Pilot VP (Vanishing Point) SE (Special Edition) in purple, with matching box.
New acquisitions is always our secondary topic. This is Stuart's new TWSBI Mini AL Blue fountain pen.
Dana's lovely Pelikan M200 in the special edition Café Crème colours. It writes as nice as it looks :)
New VPC member Kai brought some nice pens (both modern and vintage) for us to see. This is his Rotring 600 fountain pen.
A closeup of my Pelikan M800's nib, reground to a cursive italic by nibmeister John Mottishaw of
A nice closeup of Stanley's Visconti Homo Sapiens LE demonstrator's nib.
And here's a photo of Stanley...
New VPC member Steven came to his first VPC meeting tonight.
Sadly, it was Harry's last meeting before his move overseas. Hopefully he'll come back to Vancouver for a visit and another VPC meeting in the future. Any of our old members are most welcome to come to any of our meetings, and of course, we welcome newcomers to our club. It's free to join---we have no membership dues (or duties!)--- and we're very casual. If you have any questions, please email us at

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