Wednesday, October 11, 2017

September meeting pics--Part 2

Ok, here are some more photos from our September meeting! These are mostly members' Newest Acquisitions (which is always our secondary theme/topic).....
(Click on photos to enlarge)
Lenal's gorgeous abalone fountain pen by Xezo. This particular pen model is the 'Maestro Sea Shell' and it's as stunning in real life as it is in my photos....
Lenal also brought in a hot pink Caran d'Ache '849' fountain pen that she recently acquired, as well as a petite Monteverdo 'Poquito' (neither pictured).

Photo below: Ricardo's new beautifully-crafted (in Germany) Otto Hutt 'Design o4' fountain pen:
A couple of quick shots of the fountain pens Jerred brought in---(top to bottom): Reform 1745, Delta 'Virtuoso', Pilot-Namiki 'Vanishing Point', a Fuliwen fountain pen, Wancher 'Forward' fountain pen (which shares some external design stylings with the famous Lamy '2000') and last but not least, the timeless Montblanc '149'. Jerred also brought in some Lanbitou '3059' fountain pens (not pictured), two of which he donated for our door prize draws. Thanks again, Jerred!
Newest Acquisitions also include fountain pen inks! Here are three recently acquired by Alejandra---Robert Oster fountain pen ink in the "Australian Shiraz" shade, flanked by two inks by Rohrer & Klingner--Solferino & the wonderful Alt-Goldgrün shade:
Stanley's recent pen-related purchases---(L-R): an amazing Yard-O-Led 'Viceroy Grand' in the beautiful Victorian pattern, a classic vintage Parker '51' and some Seitz-Kreuznach's "Dark Orchid" fountain pen ink:
There were a few pens I didn't photograph---the pens that new VPCer Alice--who had to leave early--- brought in (my apologies, Alice!), all of my own newest purchases (which included a couple of nice ballpoints/rollerballs by Retro 51 and Conklin, a Pelikan 'Grand Prix' fountain pen, and the Waterman 'Exception' that I wrote about here), and the pens longtime VPC member Bruce brought in for our topic (knockoffs/clones/fakes/"tributes")---a Hero 616 Jumbo (Parker 51 clone), an OMAS 'Paragon' (inspired by the Wahl-Eversharp 'Doric'), as well as a (likely) Pelikan M800-inspired CONID Bulkfiller fountain pen (I did photograph the CONID at our July meeting here--it's the pen in the middle ;)

Angela couldn't make it to the meeting last month, so I asked her to send me a photo of one of her newest pens--a lovely Pilot-Namiki 'Vanishing Point' that she brought to our Summer Dinner in August. Here it is:

Thank you to everyone who came to the September meeting! Our next meetup is next Thursday---October 19---full details here:
Hope you can make it! (no RSVPs necessary)

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