Friday, October 13, 2017

Sheaffer Ferrari

A couple of photos of my Sheaffer Ferrari line of writing instruments---from L-R:
Sheaffer 'VFM' ballpoint, Sheaffer 'Taranis' fountain pen & Sheaffer '100' fountain pen
(~click on photos to enlarge~):

It's difficult to capture just how vibrant a red the writing instruments are, so I had to play around with the photo editing...

The Sheaffer Ferrari line was launched in 2013 and included several different models ---
in addition to the 'VFM', '100' and 'Taranis', there were Sheaffer Ferrari writing instruments made for the '200', '300', '500' and 'Intensity' models.
I got the 'VFM' and '100' models, as well as the Ogami stone paper notebook, from
Perks (a great local pen shop), but I purchased the 'Taranis' (Sheaffer's first semi-hooded-nibbed pen since the 1950s)---from Jim Mamoulides of . In addition to being a sales site, is a great online reference, and has some of the loveliest pen photography on the 'net. I got the 'Taranis' on closeout from Jim a few months ago, and it came in a nice gift box with a cool Ferrari keychain. The fountain pen feels nicely balanced in the hand, and its steel nib writes wonderfully.
Many thanks to Jim & Perks for these stylish additions to my Sheaffer collection!

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