Sunday, March 4, 2018

A few more photos from our February meeting

A few more photos from our February meeting, these courtesy of Ricardo (Thanks, Ricardo!) (~Click on images to enlarge~)

(L-R): René, Rizelle, Tyler, Barry, Christopher and Stuart:
Christopher did a wonderful presentation on the Parker 'Vacumatic' as part of our "Iconic Pens" theme for the meeting. We're continuing with that theme at our March 15 meeting, but we'll be featuring some different pen models, specifically the Parker '45', Parker 'Sonnet' and the Pelikan M800 (March meeting details here)
Stuart's vintage Wahl-Eversharp 'Fifth Avenue' fountain pen and mechanical pencil set, complete with original box....and original warranty!

The "Fifth Avenue" came out in late 1943 and had a "love-it-or-hate-it" Art Deco design, so the model didn't sell particularly well (Art Deco having fallen slightly out of fashion at the time). More info about the model here on and in Richard Binder's excellent article.
Ray and Mairi listening to Christopher's presentation:
Ray's Krone "Masters Tournament" Limited Edition fountain pen, produced for the Augusta National Golf Club:
The pen has a handpainted barrel, and and only 100 pieces were produced worldwide:
That's me (Maja) in the middle, flanked by Stuart and Ruth-Erin, who brought in her brand-new Lamy Al-Star in "Vibrant Pink" (their new colour for 2018) and a lovely Lamy 'Safari' in the Neon Coral colour (not pictured):
That's the vintage Osmiroid fountain pen Jerred recently acquired. Note the funky oblique italic nib, great for calligraphy!
A nice close-up of Tsung-Yen's glossy new Sailor ProGear:
(L-R): Sabrina, Dana, Tsung-Yen, Carmen, René, Tyler, Rizelle, Barry and Christopher:
Well, between Ricardo and myself, I think we managed to photograph everyone who came to the meeting :) Thanks again to everyone who showed up---hope to see you at a future VPC meeting!

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