Monday, March 19, 2018

March Meeting Photos

Note: This post was written by Ricardo.

This month's Vancouver Pen Club meet was held at the Oakridge branch of the Vancouver Public Library.

This month's topics were the Parker 45, the Parker Sonnet, and the Pelikan m800.

Jerred started off with his presentation on the Parker 45. This was Parker's first cartridge-converter pen, and a huge success, being sold for four decades.

Armando then proceeded with his presentation on another Parker model, the Sonnet.

The Parker Sonnet is a more recent model, designed by Geoff Hollington to replace the then declining 75.

Jim, Glenn, Dana and René
Then Glenn presented on the Pelikan m800. He even brought information sheets for everyone.

Pelikan was the first company to introduce piston-filler pens, due to their earlier acquisition of the differential-piston patent. Their first piston-filler was launched in 1925 to great success, due to its ease of use along with the larger ink capacity.

Parker 45

Christopher's Parker 45 set

Multiple Parker 45, with a guilloche Parker Sonnet snuck in

Ricardo's m805 Vibrant Blue, Glenn's m800 Black, Brown Tortoise, Burnt Orange, Green Stripe, Red Stripe, Renaissance Brown, Blue Stripe, René's M805 Stresemann, and Sabrina's m205 Aquamarine

Glenn's Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange (2015's Special Edition)
Glenn's Pelikan m800 Renaissance Brown (2017's Special Edition)

René's Pelikan m805 Anthracite Stresemann (available since 2015)

Jerred's three PenBBS 308 and a 309.

Sabrina's limited edition Lamy Safari

Armando's Parker Sonnet pens

René's Arnold pens

Mark's Parker 61

Dana's black Pilot Custom Heritage 91, and Platinum 3776

Dana's Pilot Custom Heritage 91

Dana's Parker Vacumatic

Stuart's Parker 51

Barry's Mabie Todd Swan

The Mabie Todd Swan's flexible nib

Tony's Montblanc 149

Glenn, Dana, René, Alejandra, Mindy, and Carmen

Above: Tony, Natasha, Grace, Jerred, Mindy, Glenn and Alejandra
Above: René, Mark, Barry, Christopher, Stuart and Tony. Below: Sabrina and Carmen
Thanks to the people who prepared presentations, and to everyone who came to the meeting!

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Vancouver Pen Club said...

Ricardo, thank you *so* much for creating this excellent blog post about our March meeting. Your photos are beautiful!

Sorry I couldn't make it to the meeting, but thank you again for doing such an excellent report :D