Monday, March 26, 2018

Martemodena "Freedom to Love" fountain pen

My newest Martemodena pen----the beautiful "Freedom to Love" fountain pen:
I've developed a soft spot for this off-shoot of Italian penmaker Delta, so I put in a bid for one of their "Freedom" models, specifically the "Freedom to Love" pen in gorgeous marbled red acrylic with rose gold trim :
It has a nice big gold-plated steel nib that writes very well:
The model name is engraved on the cap, along with a serial # (mine is #287):
In the same Martemodena auction, I won a Martemodena Techno USB ballpoint...
...which has a handy 4GB USB flash drive:
Comparison shot of my current Martemodena "stable" (L-R):
'Chronicle' "Country" fountain pen, 'Dolcevita Federico' "Oro" rollerball, 'Freedom to Love' fountain pen and 'Techno USB' ballpoint
(~click on images to enlarge~):

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