Saturday, March 24, 2018

A few more March meeting pics

Some photos from our March meeting taken by Christopher R and Tony
(please click on images to enlarge)...

Photo below: Christopher's own shot of his boxed Parker '45' fountain pens and pen sets:
Tony's photo of the Parker '45' fountain pens brought in by Jerred, who did a talk on this iconic fountain pen model for our March theme/topic:
Glenn Marcus doing his presentation on another iconic pen---the Pelikan 'M800'----with Dana to his left (photo by Tony):
Tony's shot of Glenn's marvelous collection of Pelikan M800s, and an M800 owned by René (the black & grey-striped one, second from the right):
Writing sample done with the M800 "Renaissance Brown" (photo by Tony):
Many thanks to Christopher and Tony for the pics! I couldn't make it to the meeting, but I felt like I was there, thanks to your photos, and Ricardo's great blog post :)

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