Saturday, June 2, 2018

Great Attendance for our April meeting! (photos)

We had excellent attendance for our April 19th meeting, which was held at the Vancouver Public Library's Oakridge branch, with 26 members showing up (including three newcomers-Binal, Jamie and Ron) !

The topic for the evening was "Your 3 Favourite Inks" and I think everyone had fun seeing what other members brought (especially since there are seem to be so many new ink companies these days!)

René's current top 3 inks are featured in the photo below (Left to Right): Pilot Iroshizuku "Kiri-same" (Autumn Shower), Sailor Jentle "Rokyu-Cha" (part of their Four Seasons line of inks) and Montblanc "Leo Tolstoy" (a Limited Edition ink, in a sky-blue colour):
In addition to some lovely inks, we also saw some beautiful fountain pens, such as these three brought in by Dennis---a orange modern Conklin "Crescent-Filler", a demonstrator (clear) pen by SKB, and a green Delta "Vintage" model fountain pen
(~Click on images to enlarge~) :
Longtime VPC member Dave M always brings in some great vintage fountain pens from his collection to show us, and these vintage writing instruments by Eclipse (a U.S. pen company founded in 1903 that later had a Canadian subsidiary) are no exception:
A pen by another vintage pen company---Esterbrook. The example below is a transitional "J" model in blue from the 1940s, belonging to René:
Ruth-Erin's modern Conklin fountain pen with a very interesting nib---the "Duraflex" model with its black "OmniFlex" nib, which allows for some line variation when the user gently presses down on (ie. flexes) it while writing:
My (Maja's) pen case (L to R): three generations of Sheaffer "NoNonsense"/Calligraphy pens filled with my top three inks (Diamine "Oxblood", Akkerman "Shocking Blue", Sailor Jentle "Miruai") and some new(ish) acquisitions -- a Lamy "26P" model, a Lecai transparent Acrylic pen, THINK Confetti "Shag" pen, a Lamy "Aion", PenBBS '308' Gradient "Hawaii", Martemodena "Techno" ballpoint, Martemodena "Freedom" pen, Shanghai M&G pen, and a Retro 51 "Betsy" rollerball (side note: I reviewed a few of these pens earlier on our club's blog :)
(photo below) René's very cool-looking hand-painted vintage fountain pen. The pen is marked "Secap" and "Made in Japan" but René is having problems finding any additional info on it, so if you have some info to share, please drop us a line at
More interesting vintage FPs belonging to René:
Several nice vintage pens in René's case were made by (so-called) 2nd-tier and 3rd-tier pen companies, and we'll be featuring those pen companies at our June 21st meeting :
Well, that's all the photos I managed to snap at the April meeting! Sorry for the delay in posting them here on our club's website.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most popular fountain pen inks among those who attended the April meeting! I jotted down the names of everyone's favourites and tabulated the results, so here they are (in no particular order). Drumroll please...
  • Pilot Iroshizuku "Kon-Peki" and "Kiri-Same"
  • Sailor "Miruai"
  • Diamine "Ancient Copper"
  • Waterman "Serenity Blue"
  • Lamy "Dark Lilac" (sadly, a limited edition colour that is very hard to find now :(
  • Rohrer & Klingner "Alt-Goldgrün"

Many thanks to all came to the meeting in April! Meeting info about the June 21 meeting is here in this blog post !

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