Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2018 meeting details


When: Thursday June 21, 2018 from 6:00pm (or so) to 8:45pm

Where: Where we met in May --- the TERRY SALMAN branch of the Vancouver Public Library, 4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver (on the lower level of the Hillcrest Community Center) by Queen Elizabeth Park & Nat Bailey Stadium.
The meeting will take place in their Community Room (meeting room). Tips on how to get to the library via transit are in this old post.

Theme: Pens/Pencils made by 2nd-Tier and 3-Tier Vintage Pen Companies.
We last did this theme in February 2014 and I've had some requests to bring it back, so I hope it's a popular one!

So, what do we mean by 2nd-tier/3-rd tier vintage pen companies? Well, according to Richard Binder's excellent reference site, 'second-tier' is a "term applied to a pen of moderate or high quality from one of the lesser manufacturers...Among the second tier of U.S. manufacturers were companies such as Aikin Lambert, Chilton, Moore, and Morrison" whereas 'third-tier' is a "term applied to a pen of relatively poor quality, made with thin celluloid or other body material, with thinly plated furniture and almost always having an untipped steel nib... Many third-tier pens were made with remarkably beautiful celluloids. Among the third tier of U.S. manufacturers were companies such as Arnold, Majestic, Stratford, Travelers, and Welsh."

If you have examples of vintage fountain pens/pencils made by 2nd-tier or 3rd-tier pen companies, please bring them with you to show. Other examples of these companies would be Esterbrook, Wearever, Eclipse et al. (Note: "first-tier" vintage pens were those made by companies such as Parker, Sheaffer, Wahl-Eversharp,
L. E. Waterman and Conklin...but they are not the topic of our June meeting.
Also modern pens & pencils will not be included in this month's theme---it'd be too vast a topic---just vintage pens/pencils).

Our secondary topic is always NEWEST ACQUISITIONS (pen-related)---eg. new pens/inks/paper/pen cases/other accessories/etc, so if you have any you wish to show, please bring them with you. No need to RSVP for this meeting. Hope you can make it!

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