Thursday, June 21, 2018

Photos from our May meeting

(all photos by Ricardo, except where noted ~ Please click on images to enlarge ~)

Our May meeting theme was "Nib Tuning" and featured an excellent presentation by VPC member Jerred:
Jerred's "Introduction to Nib Tuning" presentation was done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and a live demo.
The Nib Tuning Powerpoint presentation can be viewed here: Jerred's Introduction to Nib Tuning (Powerpoint Presentation)
We had good attendance for our meeting---17 members, including one newcomer (Kelley) showed up. From L-R: Jim M, Mark S, Dana, Justin, Mark H, Natasha, Grace, Joie, Maja, Christopher R, Barry K, Sabrina, Jerred:
Jerred's talk was thorough, informative and entertaining, and had many very useful tips & techniques for both the beginner and more advanced "nib tuner"...
Jerred setting up the camera for the live nib-tuning demonstration:
From L-R: Dana, Justin, Julienne, Mark H, Natasha, Grace, Kelley, Joie, Maja, Christopher R, Barry K, Sabrina, Jerred:
Live fountain pen nib-tuning demo!
(photo below) Jerred demonstrating some nib-smoothing techniques using Micro-Mesh Sanding Discs (available from Lee Valley Tools here). Lee Valley Tools also carries the Micro-Mesh Pen Sanding Pads here.
Please note: for nib smoothing purposes, only the 6000, 8000 and 12000 grit are recommended. Coarser grades can be used for nib reshaping, but that topic was not covered at our meeting.
Jerred's invaluable Nib Tuning Demonstration notes can be found here: Jerred's Nib Tuning Demonstration Notes

As usual, our secondary topic is Newest Acquisitions, so Ricardo snapped a few of them, including Sabrina's lovely Pelikan M805 "Ocean Swirl":
(below) Ricardo's orange TWSBI 580 AL and someone's new Pilot Decimo fountain pen. I can't remember who brought it, so please let me know if you're the owner :)
Mark's wonderful vintage Parker 'Duofold' in Mandarin Yellow:
Now, a few more photos from our May meeting, these courtesy of Christopher's camera...

Happy VPCers (L-R) Alejandra, Mark H, new member Kelley, Maja and Christopher:
Alejandra between the "two Marks"---Mark S (left) and Mark H (right)
Barry holding a classic vintage American fountain pen---Mark's Parker 'Duofold' in the prized Mandarin Yellow colour (there's a nice writeup on this famous pen model here):
More new recent acquisitions....

Christopher R's Waterman Taperite Crusader set, Circa 1953
(~Click on images to enlarge~)
Christopher writes: "(This) Crusader set is a Canadian one differing from the usual model with a higher quality stainless steel brushed and lined cap. This model was produced in the Waterman Quebec plant and is considered a better pen than the US aluminum cap model." It's a somewhat rare pen, and Christopher's particular fountain pen even has a wonderfully-flexy nib, so congrats to him on this great find!
Christopher's Waterman Taperite Stateleigh, Stars & Stripes model Circa 1945:
Christopher's notes that the Stateleigh has a clutch grip in the cap to catch on the section ring (very similar to the Parker 51 which Waterman was trying to copy and/or compete with), whereas the later Taperite Crusader model went back to a threaded cap/barrel.

That's all the photos from May's meeting! Our sincere thanks to Jerred for his great talk :)
(Photo by Barry K)

Hope to see you at the next meeting, which will be held later today - Thursday June 21st- at the Terry Salman branch of the VPL from 6:00pm to 8:45pm---all info here!

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