Friday, August 17, 2018

June meeting photos - part 2

Ricardo was kind enough to take photos during our meeting, so here are some of the ones he shot... starting with his wonderfully-illustrated journal...(~Click on images to enlarge~)
That's René in the middle, talking about some of the 2nd- and 3rd-tier pens he brought to the meeting for our topic (from L-R: John P, René, Stuart, Maja)
René's case with the cool 2nd- and 3rd-tier pens he brought with him (there's a complete list of the pens in part 1 of our June meeting photos)

(L-R: Kelley, Christopher, John Parnell, Barry, Stuart)

John came all the way from London, Ontario to attend our meeting (he's one of the founding members of the London Pen Club). I didn't have a chance to photograph them, but John brought some nice fountain pens with him; I recall seeing a lovely Sheaffer PFM, an Esterbrook and a Lamy Safari (and I'm beginning to think every fountain pen user owns a Safari :)
That's Justin, wearing a cool Pentel 'Sign Pen' t-shirt from Uniqlo:
Two Kaweco 'Sport' fountain pens in the blue stonewashed colour belonging to Justin and Stuart. Justin’s 'Sport' is the uncapped one, and Stuart's is the one that's capped, with less wear:
Justin talking to Melodie, who attended her first VPC meeting that night:
Natasha brought some beautiful fountain pens with her, including this gorgeous OMAS 'Bologna' in the "La Magica" swirly white & purple pattern.
A close-up of the beautiful nib on the OMAS, showing Bologna's famous porticoes, nominated for inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Some great fountain pens belonging to Melodie - From left to right: Sailor 'Pro Gear Slim' in the lovely "Purple Cosmos" pattern, Pelikan M805 'Ocean Swirl', Nakaya 'Naka-Ai' model in the Aka-Tamenuri (reddish-red) finish. This urushi lacquer finish lightens in colour over time when exposed to light.
A close-up of the three beautiful finishes...
Re: the Nakaya 'Naka-Ai' model (description from "Naka-ai" has the meaning of middle or in-between, and brings to mind the Middle Way of Buddhist practice with its emphasis on balance, integrity, and centeredness. Appropriately, the Naka-ai occupies a midway position between Nakaya's smaller Piccolo series pens and the longer desk pen with its long tapered tail."
Jerred speaking to Melodie...
Jerred's great PENBBS pen collection:
Close-up of the collection, showing the wonderful colours of the acrylic material...
Delta fountain pen:
Natasha's elegant Namisu 'Nova Studio Ebonite' with Titanium nib---a discontinued model:
Ricardo's completed illustrated log of our meeting :)
Many thanks to Ricardo for taking (and sharing) these great photos!

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