Friday, August 17, 2018

Local pen history...and more!

One of our long-time members (and long-time collector), Christopher, brought a couple of interesting 2nd/3rd-tier vintage writing instruments with him for our June meeting topic. I snapped a couple of photos but they turned out horribly, so Christopher was kind enough to send me his own shots, starting with this marbled Spencer’s "Write-Away" fountain pen:
( ~Click on images to enlarge~)
Christopher writes: "Further research makes this pen second-tier in name only. Spencer’s was a quality local department store until it sold out to Eatons....This pen was produced by Waterman and supplied to Spencer’s under their branding." The case in the photo above is an original Spencer’s Optical Dept. glasses case and cleaning cloth that belonged to a woman Christopher knew who worked for Spencer’s before they closed and sold to Eaton’s in 1955.
Old photo of Spencer’s Department Store in Vancouver, BC
Spencer’s Downtown Vancouver First Floor pen counter
Another item that Christopher brought in for our topic of 2nd- and 3rd-tier vintage writing instruments was this early ballpoint made by Wahl-Eversharp called the "Wahl Ball Pen"
Wahl Ball Pen ad ca. 1948
As for our secondary topic, Newest Acquisitions, Christopher told us about a vintage Parker 'Duofold' set he recently acquired in the lovely Lapis Lazuli Blue material (pictured above). Christopher's set has excellent colouration---ie. there is very little visible darkening of the material
The vintage set with a modern Parker Duofold pencil in Lapis (in the middle)
Last, but not least, another new find of Christopher's--a Sheaffer desk pen with a lovely marble base. Christopher removed the original plaque and replaced it with a plaque from a literary award he won.

Great vintage writing instruments, all of them! Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your photos and an interesting bit of Vancouver pen-related history with us :)

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