Friday, August 23, 2019

Webster 'Skyrocket' fountain pen (ca. 1950s)

Our July meeting theme featured writing instruments related to astronomy/space and we saw some interesting examples brought in by our members. Longtime VPC member Christopher meant to bring a certain fountain pen with him for the meeting theme, but, unfortunately, left it at home. He was kind enough, though, to send me a photo of it here it is - a 1953 deep maroon Webster 'Skyrocket' model---a 1950s Space pen!

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Christopher writes: "For me this point has a very big ‘Wow’ factor in that I love the 1950s Space Design! Being a collector of vintage toys like the Rocket Radio and Marx Space playset figures (one that I have featured complete with his rare clear plastic helmet) with the Webster pen, I fell head over heels re this pen the second I saw it. Easily restored and the quality isn’t bad at all but better still the plastic took to polishing extremely responsibly! The unit has an ink view section window so I resacked it with a standard black rubber sac but will resack it again when I get my hands on a clear plastic transparent sac. I did have to replace the feed since the one in the pen had shrunk but it is now working well."

Christopher continues...

"Oh, and just in case you are unfamiliar with what a Rocket Radio is, I have attached a snap of one like mine. Way back when I was boarding at private school, boys could acquire these little radios from most any corner store. They were cheap, maybe just under a dollar and they came with an earphone, a reception wire with a clip at the end (which you had to clip onto something metal) and to change or turn in the stations, you just pulled the rod in and out of the top of the rocket. Primitive, mind you, but they worked. So lads after lights out and in their beds could secretly enjoy the ‘Top 40’ but had to be very careful not to get caught!!!! I think I mentioned these radio toys in one of my Athlone books. The one I have now is from 1959 and is mint and in its original box."

Christopher's Rocket Radio:

Many thanks to Christopher for sharing his photos and memories of these cool space-related items from the 1950s!

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