Friday, August 23, 2019

More Sheaffer desk sets!

If you read this blog regularly, you know that one of our members (Stuart) has been slowly building a nice collection of vintage Sheaffer desk sets (previous posts about them here and here). Stuart brought a couple of his recent desk set acquisitions to our July meeting, but (likely due to their weight), I don't think they were passed around the table during our meeting, so they weren't included in the July meeting pics previously posted on this blog. I asked Stuart if he could photograph them at home and send me some photos to put on our website, and he was kind enough to do so...

The first one is a mid-’60’s Sheaffer desk set with a gold-plated Sheaffer 'Imperial' pen with a 14 karat inlaid nib, in pristine condition:

(~click on photos to enlarge images~)

The second Sheaffer desk set is a much older one, from the 1920s or 1930s:

Stuart writes: "The pen has a red band around the base of the taper, where it screws into the barrel. I asked the FB pen group about this, and it was to signify the pen was for use in bookkeeping, for entering debit items in red! And apparently my pen is a marriage with the Radite base - red-band pens came in two-pen desk sets, and were the left-hand pen. The lip of its holder was also red."

Most recently (ie. since our July meeting), Stuart acquired another handsome Sheaffer desk set:
Isn't it a looker??
Stuart writes: "The base is mirrored canary-yellow glass, with a pen groove cut in it. It was offered by an eBay dealer in Albuquerque. The lever-filling pen is restored, and has a typical Sheaffer firm Fine point. I put pics up on FB, and desk-set collector Roger Wooten told me the set was first offered in 1936 and ’37, and was priced at $12.50. He also said they aren’t uncommon but are more desirable than most sets."
Many thanks, Stuart, for sharing your photos with us...and congrats on these great online finds!

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