Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 5

Thank you to everyone in our club who sent in photos of their newest pen-related purchases. I'm going to continue posting photos every other day until we run out and/or our meetings resume :)

Now, here's one of Stuart's newer acqusitions - an elegant Lamy 'Dialog 3' fountain pen in "Piano White", purchased at the (still-open!) Vancouver Pen Shop in downtown Vancouver....

(all photos by Stuart ~ click on images to enlarge)

The 'Dialog 3' is a capless fountain pen with a retractable nib and clip. The mechanism---made up of 40 metal parts---is complex in its design, and yet simple in its execution; turning the barrel a mere half-turn causes the nib to glide out of the barrel. Stuart's thoughts: "I find the nib mechanism very smooth and definite in its action. The sets of parallel lines on the top surface of the halves of the barrel indicate when the nib is retracted and the barrel properly aligned. The forward portion of the clip lowers into the barrel slightly, with the rest staying on the surface. I’m not bothered by the clip; I have to negotiate the clip of the Pilot Vanishing Point when I write with that pen, as it’s narrower in body than the Dialog 3."

Stuart also provided us with a writing sample using Graf Von Faber-Castell's "Viper Green" fountain pen ink (seen above). He summarizes the writing experience concisely: "It’s quite a pen, weighty but balanced, and the girth makes it easy to hold."

For more information on the many design features of this German-made/Swiss-designed writing instrument, go to Lamy's official page. Many thanks to Stuart for his photos and thoughts on his new fountain pen!

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