Sunday, April 26, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 4

It's nice to see so many acquisitions of lesser-known fountain pens in our virtual "show & tell"! Here's another one, courtesy of Jerred - a glossy, red-marbled Filcao 'Roxi' fountain pen:

(all photos by Jerred ~ click on images to enlarge)

From Jerred: "This is my first Filcao pen. Filcao was an Italian brand founded in 1963, owned by Franco Grisolia. Unfortunately, Mr. Grisolia passed away in 2012, and none of his family members wished to take over the business, so it has closed. One of the unique things about Filcao was that they would use materials originally produced for eyeglass/sunglass frames, with various types of acetates and acrylic resins in their pens."

More from Jerred: "This particular pen is called the Roxi. At the time it was released, this was one of Filcao's top end pieces, and the Roxi model featured 14k gold nibs and piston-fill mechanisms. I'm unsure if this particular example is an acetate or acrylic, but the colour is called Cardinal Red. The nib was reasonably smooth and the piston fill mechanism works well, but there's no ink view window. Regardless, a very lovely pen."

Thank you very much for sharing your new find with us, Jerred, and for all your great VPC meeting theme/topic suggestions over the years!

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