Friday, June 19, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 31

It's always nice when you come across a complete set :)

This handsome pair is one of Stuart's latest acquisitions---a vintage Sheaffer '1000' fountain pen & matching mechanical pencil:

(photos courtesy of Stuart ~ click on images to enlarge)

In Stuart's words: "This one was simply called by Sheaffer the '1000', a digital code for its price of $10.00. It’s a cartridge/converter pen, and the gold nib is firm but smooth, classic Sheaffer. They seem to have been marketed by Sheaffer as a budget line below the Imperial series. So a quality, simple workhorse pen of the first half of the 1960’s."

The nib on the fountain pen is affectionately called "the Dolphin nib", as Stuart explains: "The Dolphin: The name is a nickname retroactively applied by collectors, for the resemblance of the nib and section assembly to the head of a dolphin.

Many thanks to Stuart for sharing his new vintage pen and pencil acquisition with all of us!

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