Sunday, June 21, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 32

Jerred was kind enough to send some more photos of his newest acquisitions for our virtual "show & tell". When I asked him how he was able to find so many obscure Italian fountain pens, he replied "You'd be surprised at what you can find while digging through international eBay sites..."

Here's the latest pen he found there---a Delta 'Nabis' Oversize:

(all photos courtesy of Jerred ~ click on images to enlarge)

Jerred: "This is the Delta Nabis Oversize. 'Les Nabis' were a group of young, influential French artists of the late 19th century, often called the vanguards of the modernism movement in art. Delta produced two series of pens in the Nabis line in the mid-1990s, and this is the larger version."

"It is longer and broader than the standard Nabis, and uses a #5 instead of a #4 nib. I've included a picture showing the difference between the two models (see above). My particular version is in a very dark blue celluloid with gold plated trim, with a smooth, well-used steel nib in Fine".

Jerred--thanks for sharing your photos & info about another interesting Italian-made fountain pen!

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