Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 33

A few weeks ago, Stuart stopped by the Vancouver Pen Shop in downtown Vancouver and picked up a lovely Japanese fountain pen that was on sale...

(all photos by Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

...so we'll let him tell you about it :)

Stuart: "Here’s the new baby I mentioned earlier! Pilot Custom Heritage 91 in Tsuki-Yo. Resin barrel and cap, rhodium-plated trim and rhodium-plated 14k gold nib with a Medium point."

"It has the smoothest nib of any pen I own, absolutely silky on the page. I filled it with Iroshizuki Kon-Peki. Another great addition to the stable and a great writer."

Side notes:
--The "Tsuki-Yo" 'Custom Heritage 91' pen colour is based on the Pilot "Iroshizuku" ink of the same name (the other two pen colours in this line--"Yama-Budo" and "Yama-Guri"--are also named after "Iroshizuku" inks).
--The 'Custom Heritage 91' is considered a mid-range Pilot that falls, price-wise, between the Pilot 'Custom 74' (a similar model but with rounded ends and gold trim) and the Pilot 'Custom Heritage 92' (a slightly-shorter demonstrator version of the '91' that uses a piston-filling mechanism).

Confused about those model names and numbers? This article explains the Pilot naming/numbering system. This other article has excellent photos and charts showing the relative sizes of several gold-nibbed Pilot fountain pen models and other helpful information.

Stuart---congratulations on your new Pilot, and thanks for sending photos of it to us!

Update: A couple of days after this blog post was made, Stuart confirmed with the Vancouver Pen Shop that the Pilot 'Custom Heritage 91' pens were a "Japan-only" issue (ie. a model not exported to other countries). They managed to acquire some for their store, though, and still had a couple of pens available for purchase. If you're interested in buying one from them, please give them a call at the phone # on their Facebook page (The Vancouver Pen Shop's Facebook page) to check on availability.

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