Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 37

Hope this Canada Day finds you doing well and staying safe. Today's show & tell features a special vintage writing instrument recently acquired by René...

René: "In tribute to [Canada Day and] our Canadian front-line workers in this difficult time, I present here a Canadian Waterman nurse pen."

(all photos courtesy of René ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"Several companies made nurse's and doctor's fountain pens through the early and mid twentieth century, which are generally of white or pearl material, and often come in a set with a pencil and/or a thermometer holder."

"Waterman made at least four versions of the nurse's pen, from the 1920s until the WWII era, this one being the last of them, originating from about the early 40s to about 1948. It has similarities to some of Waterman's other models, but not marked or known to be a version of any specific model itself."

"It is made of a beautiful shimmery pearl material, and comes with a half-length military clip (the clip begins at the top of the cap and shows no extra material above the pocket lip - perhaps so it can be used by field medics) and a firm 14kt gold nib."

"The nib doesn't reveal its origin, but the marking on the barrel indicates that it was made in Canada."

"This particular pen came from Thunder Bay, Ontario and is in fantastic shape, other than some minor brassing on the clip. A bit of plastic polish and the body shone gorgeously. Though I haven't tested it, I was surprised to find that the sac seems to be intact, which means that it had probably been restored some time recently. This wasn't advertised on the E-bay listing! All in all, a great purchase for $20 plus modest shipping."

This is the second nurse's fountain pen we've featured recently on this blog, the first being Christopher's new vintage Sheaffer 'Admiral' Touchdown-Filler (in this post). Many thanks to René and everyone else who has contributed to our little online "show & tell" and kept the spirit of our pen club alive during this challenging time.

~ Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to front-line and essential workers everywhere for their tireless dedication and service during this global pandemic ~

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