Saturday, July 11, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 42

Back to fountain pens we go with today's "show & tell" item---Armando's handsome new Sailor 'Pro Gear Realo' fountain pen!

(all photos courtesy of Armando ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Body Material: Resin with Gold Trim
Color: Maroon
Nib: 21 kt yellow gold and rhodium plating
Filling Mechanism: Piston filler

Armando: "The Realo is the only model in the Sailor fountain pen family with a piston-filler ink mechanism. This gives an advantage of having a higher ink capacity than the conventional cartridge converter used in the the other Sailor pens."

"The Sailor pens evoke an emotional effect in me because of the "Anchor" logo that I associate with my college days when we had the Naval ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps). Our logo was also an anchor, and we wore a Pershing cap with an anchor in front. It gets me thinking about those good old days whenever I see and use the pen."

"The color of this Pro Gear pen is maroon and the shape differs from the other Sailor pens because it has a flat top and barrel end, as opposed to the cigar shape. When writing with this pen, the smoothness is awesome, albeit having a medium hard nib. The ink flow is consistent, does not skip, and writes immediately when you put the nib on the paper. Tactile pleasure is good, both posted and unposted."

"Overall, I think this pen offers good value for money."

Note: Sailor's 'Realo' line is comprised of two models---the 'Pro Gear Realo' (Armando's pen above, which has a flat cap top and barrel end) and the '1911 Realo' (which has a rounded cap top and barrel end). There's a short-but-informative blog post on Anderson Pens here on all the different models in Sailor's 'Pro Gear' and '1911' lines.

Armando - thank you, as always, for sharing your wonderful new acquisitions with us!

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