Sunday, July 19, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 46

And now a fountain pen designed by Italian fashion designer Beatrice Fontana (who also designed the Parker 'Premier') and described as a "reinterpretation of the 1907 Waterman ‘Safety’ pen" ~ Lawrence's gorgeous Waterman 'Elegance' fountain pen...

(all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Lawrence: "This was the pen that more or less started the point of no return for me. It was the one that went over 100 bucks (that was my "high end" limit at the time). As this pen was expensive for me at that time (now I've sinned enough that it does not hurt as much), I was a bit embarrassed to show it. So the only pen I ended up bringing to the club was the Faber-Castell Basic."

"This pen was worth it but it was also a lot of trouble - it took 3 tries (from Amazon as it was the cheapest at that time). I got two medium nibs and both had "baby's bottoms" Amazon finally got me a fine point and this wrote very well. If this pen worked out the first time, then I may not have ventured further with the hobby, but because I was waiting for the shipment of the replacements, I decided to shop at Perks...then Richard told me about the pen club and the rest is history..."

"This pen was not what I intend to buy in the beginning. It has three variants the gold/black, silver/ black, and gold / ivory. I was going for the gold/black, but this ivory one was special the more I look at it. It gives off a very Art Nouveau / Belle Époque vibe. Something that can work visually with a Rennie Mackintosh painting."

"It has a good weight to it. I never post my pen but I imagine it is "postable". The cap is one of those pull off caps. It gives a nice clicking sound when capped. It is okay to pull off (not as difficult as the FC Basic)."

Thank you, Lawrence, for your photos and review of this beautiful modern fountain pen!

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