Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 47

About a year and a half ago, Stuart acquired a really nice handmade leather zippered pen case/wallet made by the Galen Leather Company in Turkey, so he was very excited to acquire a special edition fountain pen made for them...

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart: "The Mystery Parcel has arrived! It actually came before 10 A. M. It is a special edition Kaweco Sport made for Galen Leather in Istanbul!"

"I’m very pleased; the pen’s a lovely writer and the colour is very warm and rich - I have to say it reminds me of whiskey, LOL! The CDN price of the pen was $44.00, and with shipping the total came to $61.80 CDN, which I consider very reasonable for a quality SE pen. And fast turnaround - 12 days from order to delivery."

"The colour is Cognac, in transparent acrylic, with a gold-plated nib in a 1.1 mm stub, and a gold finial on the end of the cap, and Galen Leather in gold on one side of the barrel."

"I filled it with Monteverde Fireopal, which is a good pairing for the colour of the pen."

"As you can see from the pics, the packaging is lovely..."

"... and look at the extras - a charm against the Evil Eye; a postcard of an historic site in Istanbul; an Earl Grey teabag; a packet of instant Turkish coffee; and a lavender-scented hand wipe! The people at Galen are always lovely to deal with, and their own products are excellent. If you want one of these pens I wouldn’t wait too long. I think they will sell fast."

Wow - all that and a great pocket fountain pen for less than $62 CDN shipped?!? What a deal!
Congratulations on your newest acquisitions, Stuart, and thanks for sharing your photos with us :)

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