Monday, August 10, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 57

If you've been reading the virtual "show & tell" posts here, you might have noticed that longtime VPC member Stuart has acquired some lovely desk sets over the last few months. So far, we've featured two made by Sheaffer (this one and this other one), one by Esterbrook and a modern set made by Platinum. Today's "show & tell" item is another desk set Stuart recently purchased---an Eversharp 'Skyline' desk set (the desktop counterpart of the famous Eversharp 'Skyline' fountain pen)

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge) 

Stuart: "Here are the pics of the Eversharp Skyline desk-set. The first shots are with the base the pen comes with, a nice rectangular onyx one."


  "The other pics (below) are with the circular onyx base I got last year as a bonus included with a boxed Sheaffer set from Nebraska." 



 "I actually like this (circular) base better, the shape is more interesting and the colour veining livens it up. The sockets and hardware are the same for both bases. So I now have in effect two Skyline desk-sets! Maybe I’m nuts, but the pen with the circular base makes me think of that giant raindrop sculpture at Canada Place."

(I agree---the circular desk set does look like "The Drop" sculpture :) Many thanks for all your contributions to our online show & tell, Stuart!

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