Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 58

And now for a modern fountain pen with a very interesting (and useful) feature - Lina's new IndiGraph fountain pen!

(all photos courtesy of Lina ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Lina: "Here are some pics and info from my relatively new IndiGraph fountain pen. It is an innovative fountain pen that differs from the rest because of a unique feature: its ability to keep the nib constantly moist, preventing the inks from drying out. This allows you to use almost any kind of ink with this pen: India inks, pigment inks, acrylic inks, etc."

"The pen was created by an artist who wanted to use waterproof ink with fountain pens to be able to draw with fountain pens and use watercolors on top of the linework."

"The pen is made with aluminium and it is a bit heavy, but not too much. I bought the pen second hand, and it is the first edition of the pen, so the nib is a steel nib. But newer editions come with gold nibs and calligraphy nibs as well (I'm attaching the website as well if you would like to check it out:" 

  "The pen has a small chamber at the top of the cap that you fill with water so it keeps the nib moist. I've been using it for over a week now with India ink and the pen has not clogged or dried up. It has a little window so you can see the water level."  


Wow, what a great invention! For more details about the technology behind this cool fountain pen, check out IndiGraph's official Kickstarter page. Many thanks to Lina for sharing her new acquisition with us!

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