Thursday, September 17, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 76

Moving on to a model only made for two years (1983-1985) by a well-known pen company, acquired by honourary VPCer Glenn G. via eBay...

(images courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on photos to enlarge)

...a Pelikan M481 fountain pen
! (Black with 12C gold nib)

Glenn: "The Pelikan’s Perch says that this pen, a special edition provided by Pelikan Milano to companies was not available to the public, and is therefore relatively rare."


"It also says the nib is 2-tone, but mine has a monotone yellow gold nib labelled HEF on the barrel sticker"

 "This pen came from a German seller in Greece, now it’s in Australia… Pelikans do undertake long flights! I’m looking for a green/black M481, and while the regular black versions are relatively common, I’ve not seen one of these for sale at any price. I’m still miffed that my Burgundy example apparently ‘got lost’ in the usually very efficient Japanese postal system, raising suspicions of a possible re-sale at a higher price"

For more information on the Pelikan M481, check out this page. Many thanks to Glenn for all his contributions to our online "show & tell"!

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