Friday, October 23, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 94

 Brand-new VPC member Andy was kind enough to send in a nice write-up and photos of two very cool PenBBS fountain pens (both belonging to him) with an intriguing filling mechanism...

In his own words:
"A bit about the company Penbbs....

Penbbs is a Chinese online fountain pen community similar to the Fountain Pen Network. They talk about fountain pens and inks and have also produced their own inks and pens since 2005. They use high quality components and acrylic resins to produce very well made pens of unique designs."

 (all photos courtesy of Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge)


"This particular Penbbs Model 492 is a special edition celebrating The Year Of The Rat.
It is a magnetic piston filler demonstrator with a matching ink bottle. I chose this particular pen because it was a recent purchase and I was born in this significant year as well."


"Here it is compared with the standard line-up magnetic piston-fill Model 487.
The 487 is finished in a Cordierite color scheme.
The filling mechanism is a simple neodymium magnetic on the piston and also one in the cap finial."
"Here is a diagram of the filling system and instructions of how to operate it.
I find the mechanism to be very fun but also finicky at first. The silicone combined with the rubber gasket piston needs a bit of breaking-in and with prolonged use, it becomes easier to move."

"The nibs are steel and these ones are in fine with their signature semi-upturned tip.
I find their upturned tips to be an extremely smooth experience without being too wet."

 "The cap band, clip, barrel finial and nib are finished in rose gold and the extra details such as the lantern on the clip and the mouse on the nib make it quite special."

 "Another look at the cap details.
I do like the standard model 487 with its stamped insignia. It gives it a high end look and tactile feel."
Andy---welcome to our pen club and thanks so much for contributing to our online "show & tell"!

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