Saturday, November 14, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 105

Today's newest (pen-related) acquisitions "show & tell" features two Eversharp desk sets belonging to Stuart...

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

 Stuart: "It’s a restored Eversharp Skyline desk-set, the pen in the beautiful dark Maroon they were using at the time, and a lovely green onyx base, darker in hue than the Sheaffer ones I have made from the same stone.  The pen has a Medium nib, and is a nice writer with a well-defined line, classic Eversharp.  Oddly, in the eBay description the seller said the base is glass!  I’d think the veining would indicate that it’s stone - glass only has veins after it’s hit by a hammer :)"

Stuart continues: "Again, I’m struck by the resemblance between the Skyline socket and pen, and the giant raindrop at Canada Place (ie. this one) . Using the Skyline cap as the basis of the socket design was a smart idea, it works beautifully, and makes for a distinctive socket, some are generic looking.  Anyway the entire pen-and-socket unit has a unified visual flow that most desk-sets don’t have, making for a striking overall look.  It’s more organic design-wise."

He concludes: "I’m very pleased with this, and now have a total of three Skyline desk-sets, counting the stray base that came as an extra with a Sheaffer set I got last year!" (photos of Stuart's two other Skyline desk sets here)


...and here's the other Eversharp desk set that Stuart acquired this fall:

Stuart: "It’s another Eversharp desk-set, a more economy type one with a base covered in leatherette and a pen with a smooth XF nib.  


"I like it, not sure of the date, 30’s-40’s, same feed as the Skyline." 

In addition to being useful and handy, a desk set can be an attractive complement to your work space. Vintage desk sets are available all over eBay, but keep in mind that the fountain pen desk pens might need to be restored, so bid accordingly. An alternative option - some companies, like Sheaffer and Parker, made attractive ballpoint desk sets, many of which take modern ballpoint refills.

Many thanks to Stuart and everyone else in our pen club that's contributed to our online "show & tell". Keep those photos and reviews coming! :)

Stay healthy!

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