Thursday, December 10, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 118

 A couple of more new vintage pens from Christopher, this time from our side of the Atlantic...

(photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher: "This combo was just what the doctor ordered in the pen and pencil department. I have wanted an Aikin Lambert BCHR (Black Chased Hard Rubber) fountain pen for years and happened on this one a few weeks ago. Better still, it was short ribbon ring tied to the most gorgeous gold and royal blue vest pencil imaginable. Can you imagine a better score and the Aikin Lambert nib has enough flex to satisfy any writer!" 

"OK. Here is something really unusual. About four years back, I got a Wirt gold overlay cap with a large bunch of vintage pen parts. It’s not gold filled, but 14K gold and I thought that, someday, I just might come across the right BCHR pen to cap it with. Well, last month I scored just the right pen. The catalogue showed the cap for this pen to be just the right one to exchange for the gold overlay. Wow and am I thrilled. I am a big follower of the Paul Wirt pens, so this marriage for me was made in heaven. By the way, the BCHR cap matches my Wirt gold overlay cap in every way save the overlay. I should mention that the Wirt nib which is pre-breather hole is quite something. I guess back in '05 they really had an affinity for Gold nibs!"

Waiting for the correct replacement part for a vintage pen to come along can be challenging, so I'm glad Christopher finally found that Wirt barrel! Our thanks to Christopher for sharing more of his great vintage finds with us.

VPC members: if you want to share your recent pen-related acquisitions via our club's blog, please email me your photos and a short write-up...and no, the items don't have to be rare and/or expensive ;)

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