Saturday, December 12, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 119

 Fans of mid-century design will love this vintage desk belonging to Stuart - an Esterbrook 2140 desk set in Lime...

 (all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart: "’I've had an exciting day in terms of mail deliveries! A Sheaffer student writing kit from the late 50’s arrived... The other cool thing is an Esterbrook Medallion desk-set from the 50’s. It has a low-profile glass or ceramic circular base in mint green, with a chrome swiveling pen socket and a matching mint desk-pen with a Lucite taper.  The pen’s sac is petrified, which the seller mentioned, but otherwise it’s in great shape." 


"You can see the variation in shade on the pen-the pen’s barrel is a little lighter in colour than the front section, presumably from fading and light exposure... The taper is clear and not yellowed or milky."

"I dipped the 9668 nib on the pen and it’s a great smooth writer. I might use the set with one of my black Estie desk-pens until I can get the mint one fixed up."


I commented on the lovely colour and design, saying "It's a real beaut!" and Stuart replied
"It is a beaut! Esterbrook had using simple materials to maximum effect down to an art."

I also mentioned that I hadn't seen a Medallion model desk set before, and he replied:"Medallion sets aren’t as common as the ubiquitous 8-ball types, and they also came in black or robin’s-egg blue", later adding: "I think the light blue set is less common again than the mint green."

 As Stuart mentioned above, this model came in two other colours (official colour names: "Jet" and "Azure"). For more information on this elegant desk set and its cousins, check out this FPN thread.

Stuart-many thanks for photographing your cool new desk set and for sharing your thoughts on it!

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