Thursday, December 24, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 125

It's been called the most magical time of the year, so on that topic...

Today's featured new acquisitions are courtesy of Lawrence, who sent in lots of photos and a
nice write-up about his new Montegrappa 'Harry Potter' fountain pen duo... 

 (all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Lawrence:  "They both have stub nibs (1.1mm) and I got them thinking that they will be "fanboi collection" items, without any real intention of using them regularly like my other pens. I never had luck with stubs and I was not expecting much out of these. However, after a change of ink, they both wrote beautifully, smooth and wet.  I have another Montegrappa that wrote dry, and these were initially like that (I had filled them Sheaffer Skrip brown ink), but after filling them up with Pilot Iroshizuku, they behaved like totally different pens. I may change my mind and use them a bit more now."


"I got them both in the largest nib sizes that is available (in this case, it was 1.1mm), because I feel that the stubs give it a very "quasi-pretend wizarding world fancy writing vibe" (I know-fanboism again...).  The pens come in extra fine, fine, med, broad, and stubs. Oh, and the nibs are the normal Montegrappa nibs (I imagine that if they designed a special nib for this the price will probably shoot up)." 


"I got the matching pen cases for them, nice good quality leather ones."

 "There are five variants, Hogwarts and the four wizard houses.  They are all basically the same design but with different embellishments."

"I got the "Hogwarts" pen first, and after much thought (maybe, like, 10 minutes), I got the "Ravenclaw" pen as well.  Iguanasell was having a sale at the time and they were both almost 25% off. Not really a no-brainer (because they are still not what I call cheap), but I can't help it.  Montegrappa also made corresponding inks to go with them, but it's just a simple bottle with the Harry Potter label, so I did not bother with them, as they feel like an afterthought."

 (above) The "Hogwarts" model


(above & below) The "Ravenclaw" model (the writing sample is using the Hogwarts pen inked with Pilot Iroshizuku "Ku-jaku", a peacock blue ink) 
"I think Montegrappa did a pretty decent job not making them look cheesy. I like that they put a lot of effort into the little details like the emblems on the cap and the clip.  They are tame-looking enough that I am comfortable using them in a lot of settings."
"Ravenclaw" model cap top
"Ravenclaw" clip emblem 

                                "Ravenclaw" cap

"Hogwarts" clip emblem 

 "Hogwarts" cap detail
Many thanks to Lawrence for his photos and review of these two cool fountain pens! 

We'll continue to post our members' newest pen-related acquisitions into the New Year, so VPC members---please keep those photos and reviews coming...and thanks in advance!

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