Saturday, December 26, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 126

 I'm always amazed at the creativity of our pen club members--for example, Daryl made these cool pen holders out of old children's wooden blocks that he drilled out and glued together:

(all photos courtesy of Daryl ~ please click on images to enlarge)


Daryl: "The wooden blocks were simply glued with a proper wood glue.  One heads up - the blocks are different sizes from different makers.  Not a big deal.  A drill press will give you more consistent results, but you might prefer the random look of a hand drill. Add a cloth or leather pad to the bottom.  Again, wood glue is fine.  The material cost is $0, so give it a try.  A fun and quick project."

He also made the leather single-pen holders shown above...

"Value Village had some leather jackets and pants that I picked up for the material and to make small projects.  Some turn out ok, others not so much.  And also, some of the leather is really hard to get even novice results.  Again, easy and quick (would be even quicker if I knew how to use and had a sewing machine)."

Daryl said that the fountain pens in the wooden block pen holders are "...the pens I've inked most every day (Photo above, left to right); Lamy Studio with Bobby architect nib, Sheaffer 'Snorkel' from 1952 (both were gifts were from my son), Sheaffer 'No Nonsense' with Fine stub, and colorful Moonman (N2 model)".

Taking a closer look at some of the pens above.....

Above: Lamy 'Studio' fountain pen with "Bobby" architect nib--Regarding this exotic nib, Daryl says: "I'd like it to be smoother on paper, although I use it daily so it can't be too bad."


Above: Moonman 'N2' model pocket fountain pen in colourful acrylic
"It's about the same size as a Kaweco Sport; a little small for me but it was ordered for Wendy, who loves her Kaweco 'Al Sport'.  Story there was it had been on order for so long I'd forgotten all about it until it arrived.  I think it was slightly over 90 days if I remember rightly.  A fun pen."

Above: Sheaffer 'Prelude fountain pen
"The Prelude is from Vancouver Island (via Canada Post in April);  B nib was too broad and wet for me; Margot at the Vancouver Pen Shop had a F nib in her old stock." As with the Bobby architect nib, Daryl says he'd "...prefer the Fine nib to be smoother on paper, but I use it every day so it can't be too bad :-)"

Part 2 of Daryl's new acquisitions to come in the next blog post! Many thanks to Daryl for sharing with us :)

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