Monday, December 28, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 127

Continuing on with Daryl's newest acquisitions and projects, starting with this nice wooden pen stand that he made...

(all photos courtesy of Daryl ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Daryl: "The wood is red oak. A simple wood prototype before ‘fancy’ woods." 

Daryl: "The ballpoint the left is a Sheaffer sterling silver with a safety clip.  The retract mechanism is built into the pocket clip, such that to pocket the pen, the clip is rocked back and the point retracts, rock the clip forward (which can't be done if the clip is in use) and the point extends.  For some reason I find this very clever! The other pen with the knurled cap is a Monte Mount ballpoint that Wendy ordered on AliExpress.  A very attractive pen with a Montblanc flair."


Daryl : "A memo pad from faf (purchased at Stylus in Edmonton by my son). It is to be used in a holder with binder screws, which I need to make this week. Pages are perforated. Paper is very nice to use. From :

"FAF (Fabrique en France) metal desk pad is made in Paris in a workshop built by Gustave Eiffel (of eponymous Tower fame.) The FAF pad is a practical and highly functional desk pad with a unique vintage look. It is practically identical to the original FAF pad first manufactured in the 1920s" 

Daryl: "Btw - Stylus in Edmonton is a real treasure (I haven't been to any pen stores on the east coast, but I was impressed)."


 Daryl: "Four images of Elemental notebook. The notebook is super high quality; true to its name, Uranium, Tomoe River paper, cross grid marks, painted edges 'glow' in UV light, two different coloured bookmarks, silver cloth hard bound, and with a hard slipcover. See the description for all the details-

Daryl "I'm very pleased to have this.  Although it might be a 'second' as the slipcover is "backwards" (take a paper jacket off a book, turn the book upside down and put the dust jacket back on the book to sense what that means - the cover of the jacket opens to the back of the book - feels 'odd'), and the cover lacks finger cutouts.  Considering all the other details, these are very rough edges :-)"

(the paper's grid marks glow under UV light.... do the painted edges!)

Incidentally, the clip on Daryl's sterling silver Sheaffer ballpoint (mentioned earlier in this blog post) is the company's famous "Reminder" clip, first introduced in the 1960s (they're still using it in some current models

Our thanks to Daryl for his contributions to our online "show & tell" and to all our pen club members who sent in photos and reviews of their newest pen-related acquisitions this year. We're up to part 127 of our virtual show & tell, and we're going to keep going in 2021 until we can meet again safely in person!

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