Monday, January 11, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 134

Continuing on with Christopher's newest acquisitions (first part posted here)--four vintage fountain pens with four different filling systems!

 (all photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)


 Christopher: "Parker Short Ribbon Ring top Streamlined Pastel Lady’s Duofold – Quite a mouthful of a description for such a dainty little fountain pen, but finished in the most beautiful apple green colour with 14K gold filled fittings. I did have another of these Parker Pastels in the blue but ended up letting it go and was sad ever since. Subsequently, I am so pleased to acquire this pen and it will be both kept and used regularly. It is a button filler which sucks back quite a bit of ink when filled. Both this Green and the black were late colour additions to the Parker Pastel Duofold line dating this pen Circa 1932. It should be noted that the Parker Pastel model of their Duofold pens in jet and green were only available for a little over one year making this pen a rare Parker contender."


 "Also what just knocked me off my chair was the original Lucky Curve imprinted nib sitting on a Christmas Tree full Lucky Curve feed. Can I add, what a great score!"


"Waterman 12 – I have always found it nice to welcome old Waterman fountain pens into my collection and this No.12 is no exception. If you pick up a BCHR Waterman 12 with a cap clip and screw on cap that is a lever filler you have, in fact, picked up a rather common vintage pen. But, on the other hand, if the number 12 in question is clipless with a slip on cap and an eyedropper filler you really have scored a somewhat rare point, especially if the condition is as good as this one. The nib is an early Waterman Ideal No.2A and also in very fine condition. The chasing is quite nice, but not as deep as I have experienced with some of my other BCHR pens. It is a good length, posting at 7 inches but capping back to 5 inches. The identification No.12 on the end of the barrel and the Waterman imprinting are both clear and sharp. I also inked this pen when I had finished servicing it and found it to be a very nice writer."


"Diamond P.P. (Diamond Point) – This is just a wonderful BCHR pen and of extremely good quality overall. It sports a Jeweler’s 14K Gold filled wide cap band with a company-branded long ball ended steel clip. This is a lever filler pen and the lever is 14 K Gold filled. But the two features which really sold me on this particular vintage BCHR pen was its brilliant forest green hard rubber cap top and its deep, well-appointed and detailed chasing. In fact, the chasing on this pen is to my mind a work of art. The nib is a Number 2 and 14K gold, and in using the pen, it posts at 6 ½ inches but caps back to 5 inches. From what I understand, the Diamond Point Company rebranded its  pen production Diamond P.P. when the Depression hit, dating this fine point Circa 1929.


"Sheaffer Skripsert – What immediately sold me on this pen was its beautiful greyed green colour finish and the short screw on Sheaffer Conical Triumph Palladium nib. I actually remember these pens at our local neighborhood drugstore back in the late 1950s. I had one back then, which as memory serves, was black and as I recall it was the first Sheaffer pen I had with the slightly turned-up nib feature. It was billed as a cartridge filler and a pen I did carry in my loose-leaf binder, which I took into School. The ink cartridges (that were new to me then) seemed to last quite a while even with regular use and subsequently were just great for exam time.  Otherwise, this current addition has a chrome cap with a very interesting vertical straight and wavy line chasing. The clip carries the Sheaffer’s branding but with a large apostrophe ‘S’. The pen also seems to be of reasonably good quality and one I am happy to now have."

                                                        (Sheaffer Skripsert ad Circa 1959)

Many thanks to Christopher for his photos & write-ups of these wonderful vintage finds!

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