Saturday, January 9, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 133

 If you've been reading our little virtual "show & tell" regularly, you'll have noticed that VPCer Christopher is a huge fan of vintage writing instruments. After Christmas, he sent me some photos and information about his newest acquisitions, starting with a lovely vintage fountain pen from his thoughtful wife Chris...

(all photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)






Christopher: "Chris always gives me a Journal for my daily entries every Christmas and this year she also gave me the most beautiful and well-appointed short ribbon ring top Morrison gold overlay. I was truly touched with its elegance. What is also very neat about this pen is that it still has its original sales sticker on the cap. Well worn, mind you, but perfectly legible. The nib is great too, a super flexy No.4 14K Gold Warranted. I truly am blessed."

The other new acquisitions are all true antiques (ie. over 100 years old)!

Christopher: "For most, the mention of Rexall can only refer to the drugstore chain which goes back to its inception in 1903. And like so many retail chains, the company did commission pens in support of their marketing and brand identification. This pen, which I have also restored and added to my collection, is a very early clipless, slip on long cap eyedropper with beautiful but unusually-patterned chasing on its black hard rubber finish. The cap also has the early style rounded top and anyone would agree that the 14K Gold flexy nib is extremely impressive. The pen posts at a full 7 inches but caps at 5 ¼. I tried writing several pages with this pen once I had restored it and am pleased to report that it felt like a feather weight in my hand, with the nib just gliding smoothly on every stroke. Definitely a great score and a wonderful addition to the BHCR (Black Chased Hard Rubber) side of my collection"


 "I have several later Harris fountain pens but was pleased to get this early BHCR one. It is a clipless lady’s model capped at only a little over 4 inches, but posting to write at a hand-worthy 5 ½ inches. Still, what makes this pen a keeper in my books is exquisite chasing and a flexy Warranted 14K Gold nib that is just a pleasure to apply to paper."


 "This pen has a lovely woodgrain finish that is reminiscent of an early Waterman with its cap clip. The fittings are 14 K Gold filled and the nib is a 14K Gold Warranted with generous flex. Rene agreed with me, when I showed the pen to him, that it is an eye stopper. It has a lever filler with a black capping top and bottom. It posts at 6 ¾ inches, but caps back to a pocketable 5 ¼ inches The quality of his pen is truly impressive and subsequently, with all else considered, I am very happy to add it to my early pen collection. On the other hand, if anyone has further information on the All Write pen branding I would welcome it."

If anyone has information on any All Write writing instruments, please send an email to our club at Thanks in advance! And many thanks, of course, to Christopher for sharing these wonderful early fountain pens with us :)

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