Saturday, March 20, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 168

Today, we're featuring two more wonderful vintage fountain pens that Christopher recently acquired!

(All photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher: "I was just so happy to score a superb Parker Duofold Jr. in the Chinese Red Hard Rubber. This is a very early model with the giant barrel imprinting and the first of the Duofold Juniors to sport a 14K Gold Filled Cap Girdle. It has the washer clip but in its black grip section sports a Parker Arrow 14K Gold ‘flexy’ nib. I was tempted to replace this point with a Duofold one but finding a Vac arrow nib as such in a Duofold is by no means uncommon and just such a nice Parker nib at that. As mentioned, the condition of this pen is outstanding and with a new ink sac and resetting the nib on a cleaned feed, I am just so pleased to be adding this fine pen to my collection. Actually it is the fourth as such (see photo below) but I am sure by no means the last."

"The other pen which I just picked up has quite an interesting background. It seems that Parker made this pen for the National Pen Products Company of Chicago. In turn, the National Pen Products Company sold it to the Sears Roebuck Department Store who housebranded it ‘Webster’. Still from its button filler to its Challenger/Televisor finish, it is so unmistakably Parker that I am happy to have it now in my collection."

Christopher also mentioned a post here on FPN about Sears' "house brand" pens that he found very interesting; the post on FPN specifically mentions Parker making Webster-branded writing instruments. Our thanks, as always, to Christopher for sharing his vintage treasures with us! 

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