Monday, March 22, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 169

A few days ago, I got an email from VPC member Andy, who sent me a review of some recent acquisitions (along with some nice photos of them) for our pen club's blog. Here's what he sent:

"Good evening Maja.
Here are a few new purchases, but of the same brand and model...

I think Jinhao has earned a reputation of quality and value - a tough task in the world of fountain pen these days. In celebration of the Parker 51 reissue 2021, I have decided to tread the homage side of this famous pen.

Behold the Jinhao 85..."

(all photos courtesy of Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Andy continues: "Some controversy on the web states that the Jinhao 85 is actually a Parker 51 and that Jinhao has the production contract for Parker. This pen was in the general public's hands months before the announcement and release of the new Parker 51. This debate is still up in the air, but there has been good evidence from popular fountain pen Youtubers that this is not the case and that Jinhao has just produced an homage.

Let's have a look!" 

"I'll admit right off the bat...I LOVE THIS PEN!!!

So much, I bought the other 2 colors after I used the black one for about a day. At $11.97 CDN shipped to your door is mind-blowing good. An international converter costs that much!!!"

"The black and the red are flat in color with a high polish. The blue, on the other hand, has a bit of depth and a metallic sheen to it and also high polished." 

"I like the classic polished black the most, but the blue is by far the most popular."


  "Nice brass threaded section on the grip section with an o-ring."


 "Standard Jinhao converter, as usual. The metal cap is of good weight with fluting running through the entire length."


"A close up of the hooded nib top and bottom." 


"Another close up of the 0.38mm extra fine nib. They are also available with a bent nib (0.8mm) on AliExpress. I took this picture viewed under the OXMUL loupe which I showed everyone in the last VPC meeting." 

"Here is a writing sample. I've inked all three and the nib is very consistent. They all write identical to each other. The overall writing experience is very nice. Smooth nib with almost no feedback. The window of the sweet spot reminds me of my Lamy 2000 EF. This is my normal day-to-day hand printing which is about 2mm in height........yes.....I write (print) small.

 I enjoyed sharing this with everyone...take care.



Many thanks to Andy for sharing his cool new purchases with us! And a big "Thank you" to everyone in our pen club who has contributed to our virtual "show & tell" since we started it in April 2020. Your photos and reviews are *very* much appreciated :)
Stay safe, everyone!


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