Monday, April 19, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 183

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Cross 'ATX' fountain pen in "Brush Black" from Amazon's Warehouse, where returned/warehouse-damaged goods are resold, often at a substantial discount. The pen was less than half retail and I'd had *really* good luck with the Warehouse lately, so I thought I was on a roll...

(~ please click on images to enlarge~)

...but this is what arrived (in a Cross 'ATX' box) - a Cross 'Century fountain pen in the same colour and lovely diamond-patterned engraving as the 'ATX' I'd ordered.

(the nib & section have no scratches or defects--it's just the lighting/dust...and my photography ;)

I could have returned the pen, but there wasn't a black 'ATX' fountain pen listed in the Warehouse so I'd have had to pay full price for one. More importantly, the 'Century' fountain pen I got in error was in perfect shape, felt great in the hand (despite its slim profile), and I loved the way its Fine nib wrote... so I kept it. In the end, yes -- I wound up with a lower-priced Cross model, but it's a great fountain pen and a joy to write with :)

(~photos & write-up by Maja ~ )


Side note: Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of our pen club's little "virtual show & tell"! Since our in-person meetings are on hold due to the pandemic, we've been featuring our members' newest acquisitions every other day (since April 20, 2020) here on our club's website. We're up to post #183 now, and I hope to keep it going until we can safely meet again. Many thanks to everyone who contributed by sending in their photos and write-ups, and special thanks to René for the idea.

Stay safe, everyone!

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