Saturday, June 26, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 215

Longtime VPC member Christopher recently acquired some more vintage writing instruments and was kind enough to send photos and write-ups for our club's website. We'll post them here in two separate blog posts, starting with this wonderful vintage Parker 'Vacumatic' fountain pen....

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

 Christopher: "The first (new acquisition) ticks all the vintage pen collecting boxes for me. It is a 1938 Shadow Wave Juniorette which I just got recently. The first box that this pen ticks is that I am the first user and subsequently the pen is newsstand mint. The second box is that the transparency is a ten out of ten. In fact, so clear that you can see your fingerprints through the barrel! Yet another box ticked is the fact that it is date-coded the first quarter of its release and, in turn, has the Vacumatic lockdown filler that was only available for about 7 months before Parker changed the filler and went on to their Speedline. Another box ticked is the feed which is imprinted with the ‘W’ to denote a wide ink channel (over the accountant’s feed marked ‘A’, which is by no means my first choice). But may I also mention the Vacumatic arrow nib which ticks my box again, being nice and flexy. And finally, the clip is the first quarter release wide feather that definitely does deserve a final box tick."

"Yes, this pen is for me fountain pen perfection and I just love the fact that it is old store stock and that I am the first and original user! Oh and just to put a little more icing on the Parker cake, the cap which should be opaque, according to the records, is also transparent!!!"

Many thanks to Christopher for sharing this wonderful new vintage find with us! We'll feature the other items he recently acquired on Monday (June 28) here on our blog.

 For more info on the Parker 'Vacumatic' lineup, check out this excellent article by Richard Binder.

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