Monday, June 28, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 216

A couple of days ago, we posted the first of Christopher's recent vintage acquisitions---a lovely Parker 'Vacumatic' Shadow Wave fountain pen---and promised that we'd post his other finds without any further ado, here they are!

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Christopher: "The second addition (to my collection) is yet another old store stock Waterman’s Taperite Crusader original boxed set. I enjoyed inking up the fountain pen and being the very first user. The finish is a deep rich burgundy complemented with a gold over aluminum with silver banding. The 14K gold semi-hooded nib lives up to Waterman’s fine nib perfection and the year of this set is around the time that Waterman bought out their nib jeweler, Aikin Lambert, after a long-standing relationship. And my I add that unlike the Parker 51, the Waterman semi-hooded nib option allows this particular fountain pen to have some welcome flex."

"The box outside is finished in a pebble tone silver with gold Waterman branding and also houses the Waterman Taperite ephemera, a little ruffled but still in very good nick. Am I pleased with this set? Should you ask and right into my collection with no hesitation."

Great photo of a great-looking vintage fountain pen and pencil set! Thank you, Christopher, as always, for your contributions to our virtual "show & tell" :)

If you're interesting in finding out more about the various Waterman 'Taperite' models (yes, there was more than one!), there's a great article on here.

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