Friday, July 2, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 218

During our ongoing virtual "show & tell", we've featured several Moonman fountain pen models---Jerred's full-sized M800, my two mid-sized S3s, and Daryl's pocket-sized N2. Today, we're featuring Trevor's new Moonman S5 !

Something a little different: The Moonman S5

Trevor: "I’ll be transparent with you, after trying a Moonman replacement nib for my vintage Parker 45 with feed problems, I wasn’t sure about the Moonman brand. However, Shanin and I were browsing Amazon one evening, trolling for interesting pens, when we happened across the Moonman S5. I was awestruck. Shanin said, with an unclouded mind, that she could see through my attempts to be coy. My eyes had gone glassy and glazed over. Clearly I needed this pen. The multicoloured section and gold nib were definite attractions, but the crystalline body was the star of the show! The kit included 2 extra nibs and an eye-dropper. I was sold. Trigger pulled. Now we wait."

(all photos courtesy of Trevor ~ please click on images to enlarge...and see more clearly)

"The hours felt like days and the days like months, but finally the package arrived 4 days later. The tin box was a nice touch. The words upon it: “Moonman, feel the temperature of writing!” spoke to my soul. Yes Moonman, I can clearly feel the temperature."


"Opening the box I am greeted by the eyedropper with the bright red squeezy part, and the extra nibs in medium-ish and Italic/Broad. I almost didn’t see the pen itself as it camouflaged itself well against the white of the inner box. But I knew where to look and found it quickly."


"The acrylic body is really light, fits the hand nicely and is comfortable to use. The taper of the back of the pen helps make the angle of the nib to paper seemingly perfect. The Fine nib is smooth and the italic one is just wide enough to give my less than stellar penmanship a touch of flair. I have yet to try the third one. The cap posts reasonably well, but why would you do that? The crystal clear nature of the body makes the chosen ink pellucid and the quantity remaining is easy to gauge. I filled it right away with Monteverde Caribbean Blue and was stunned to see how dark the ink is despite how light it looks on paper."

"My faith in Moonman has been restored. I clearly need to have a look at some of their other offerings and give them a try."

LOL! Trevor, many thanks for the photos and write-up; your review, um, clearly demonstrates how much you love your new pen! 😉

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