Friday, July 16, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 225

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The newest additions to my Parker 'Dimonite' writing instrument and pen pin collections ... 


I posted about the other four Parker 'Dimonite' writing instruments I own here back in May. This newest one is a ballpoint in the "Blue Mint" colour, which means I only have one more colour to collect---"Preussian blue" (or "Prussian blue"??). As they were only manufactured for three years (2002-2005), Dimonite' pens don't come up for sale very often, but I remain hopeful...


The pen came from an eBay seller in Serbia, but it was shipped from Northern Macedonia! It took a while to get here, but it arrived, safe and sound. I'm not sure if that's the pen's original box, but it did its job protecting my beautiful new ballpoint on its long journey here (I apologize for the photo quality--the pen's colour is actually more muted... and I think it looks much nicer in person)

The two Waterman pins above came in a lot of four pins from an eBay seller located in France. The little ink bottle spouting ink (Waterman "South Sea Blue", perhaps??) says "Encre Waterman" so the pin might have been made after Waterman’s English plant closed (around 1970), leaving just the French factory in Saint-Herblain (which opened in 1967). The calligraphic "W" on the other pin is the current Waterman logo. The little lavender fountain pen on it, however, isn't a Waterman model I recognize ;) 

I don't know when the pins were made and I don't know if they're contemporaneous, but I got them for an excellent price (<$6 CAD) and they're now in my budding pen pin collection, along with my little Parker 'Quink' pin (which I posted about here, back in March).

~Photos & write-up by Maja ~

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