Sunday, July 18, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 226

Back to fountain pens we go with a brand-new acquisition belong to honourary VPC member Glenn G. in Australia --a lovely Pelikan M605 Green-White Fountain Pen!

(photos courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Glenn: "The ‘New Style’ M60X was introduced in 1997, and the latest version, released this month (July 2021) is the M605 Green-White special edition. Its quietly sparkly green cellulose acetate stripes are accented by white resin and the palladium plated stylized beak clip, two cap bands, two trim rings at the piston knob and one at the section.

The barrel lacks a definite ink view window, which personally is not a problem, but it does upset some; on the other hand, it is moderately translucent when held up to a light source. The white contrasts nicely with the green, although some users have concerns that it might stain; I’ve not had that problem myself. Nevertheless, both factors may combine to discourage some Pelikan fans from buying this particular issue."

"The usual nib widths of EF, F, M, and B are offered in 14K/585 gold, rhodium plated to match the trim. The box style introduced with the M600 Pink (oblong with green laces to match the pen), is surprisingly smart.

I read recently that the Pelikan parent company has had financial issues in recent years, not helped by the pandemic, and this is perhaps reflected in its higher price vs its predecessors. However, it will only be available while supplies last and my flock includes the others in the series, so I have opted to keep the set going, buying mine from Appelboom at the best price I could find.

Despite the price, I do not regret buying this beautiful pen; it is much prettier than the advertising photos, which few people trusted anyway, and which make the green look pale and bland… in reality, it is anything but."

Many thanks to Glenn for sharing the newest member of his Pelikan flock with us :)

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