Monday, March 14, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 341

This Waterman 'Allure' was purchased at a Staples store in Richmond in late November of last year. I saw it in a Staples flyer but I already owned a Waterman 'Graduate' fountain pen (reviewed here) -- basically the same model, but in brushed chrome -- so I wasn't sure I needed the same pen in a pastel colour. I loved my 'Graduate', though, so I decided to check the pastel 'Allure' models out when I was in Richmond.

The Staples store had the fountain pen and rollerball versions in four different pastel colours, but the minty green fountain pen looked so pretty and, since it was on sale, I bought it.

(please click on images to enlarge)

And here it is, my Waterman 'Allure' fountain pen in pastel green!

The body is made of lacquer over brass with polished chrome trim. I love the matte finish and texture--it looks really good and feels very nice to the touch. The pen came in blister card packaging (because it was hanging from a sales rack), but it also comes in a blue and white cardboard Waterman presentation box. It takes short or long international ink cartridges (one of which came with my pen), or an international converter.

Length: Capped: 5.3 inches, Uncapped: 4.8 inches, Posted: 6.0 inches.
Weight (empty):  Total weight: 21 grams, Cap: 8 grams, Barrel & section:13 grams.
(all my own measurements, made using a tape measure and a kitchen digital scale)

Side note: I checked my Waterman 'Graduate' fountain pen  -- the brushed chrome version of the 'Allure'-- and it has the same dimensions as the 'Allure', but weighs only 17 grams empty.

The pen was made in China and has a 2-year warranty "against product defects".

The 'Allure's black plastic section is identical to the Waterman 'Graduate's. I read one online review that said it was very slippery, but I didn't find that to be the case with mine. The 'Allure' model also has the same steel nib (and the same nib width - Fine) as my 'Graduate', and mine lays down a smooth, consistent line. Both models are nicely-balanced, fairly light in weight (esp. for metal pens), and comfortable to hold.

In addition to pastel green, the 'Allure' comes in several other colours, both pastel (pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow) and non-pastel (red, blue, black and camo), and in three writing modes - fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.

Speaking of colours....I was playing around with iPiccy's free photo editing program, and these are two colours I wish the 'Allure' came in:

A shiny white lacquer....

and a matte peach version. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these two finishes to be made...but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying using the two I have.

The 'Allure' i
s a smooth-writing, reliable fountain pen, it looks classy, and it's affordable--you can find one as low as $21.99 CAD on right now. I think it makes a nice gift, too, and a really good way to introduce someone to the wonderful world of fountain pens :)

(all photos & review by Maja)

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