Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 342

It's been a while since I did an unboxing post...

Early last week, I got an email from reminding me that I had $25 worth of customer loyalty rewards on my account, so I checked out their website to see if they had any new pens in stock. I was surprised to see a pen in a pattern that I thought was discontinued quite a while ago, so I placed an order with them (and remembered to use my rewards ;)

(please click on images to enlarge)

The parcel arrived, safe and sound, from Ancaster, Ontario within 6 days. Normally, shipping is free for orders over $50 CAD, but my order (after the rewards were applied) was under $50, so I paid $7.99 CAD shipping--not bad for FedEx service!

(Funny story: This little Buck knife arrived in the mail a few months ago, along with a handwritten note saying that it was a prize I won in a random draw. Um, what draw?? The note wasn't signed and the parcel didn't have a return address, so I was a bit creeped out. Then, I remembered that I'd bought a Swiss Army Knife from a Canadian eBay seller a while back, so I contacted him. Turns out that he was the sender lol).

Ok, so here's what arrived from Fendrihan....

....a Kaweco fountain pen and a Schneider K2 converter!

(Sorry about the photos - lighting was poor today, thanks to Vancouver's "winter weather" a/k/a rain)

This is the Kaweco 'Classic Sport' fountain pen in the black "Chess" pattern. I thought the pattern was discontinued ages ago, so I was really surprised to see that Fendrihan had some in stock. With my customer loyalty rewards, the pen wound up costing just $20 CAD.

I ordered the pen with a Broad nib because I didn't have a B in my Kaweco 'Sport' stable...and wow, is it ever fun to use! It glides across the paper like a curling stone on a sheet of fresh ice.

 (Each little square is made of 5 tiny horizontal parallel lines!)

I have
a 'Sport' ballpoint in black in the "Guilloche" pattern (ca. 1996), but I didn't have anything in the "Chess" pattern. According to this Kaweco 'Sport' history, the 'Sport Classic' "Chess" model came out in 2009 in fountain pen and ballpoint form, and was available in black and blue colours.

This is the Schneider K2 converter I got from Fendrihan. I'd ordered a Schneider K5 converter from another online pen seller several years ago, but I'd read that the K2 was slightly narrower at its widest point, so it was better suited for slimmer fountain pens (another difference: the K2 is translucent, whereas the K5 is clear). The K2 converter is now happily in use in my aluminum Muji fountain pen.

Many thanks to Fendrihan for their excellent customer service, and all the pen stuff I ordered from them over the last two years!

(photos & review by Maja)

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