Thursday, April 21, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 359

We hadn't featured a new ink in a few months here on our club's blog, so I was pleased to get this review from Lawrence a few days ago.

He writes: "I was not really intending to get any ink at Nikaido's last month, but because I got this greenish Neo Slim pen, I decided to get an ink for it, I ended up with this one. This is called Sakuranezumi from the Japanese ink line Kyo No Oto."

(all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"The packaging is quite nice. And the ink bottle is also pretty subdued looking, no-nonsense type (and not in the almost gimmicky demi style of Herbin...which I will talk a little about later on)."

"The ink bottle is something's fairly non-distinct and I probably can use it for many other things aside from just inks.
Now we get to the ink itself. It is a greyish-violet color. I have my Neo Slim inked with it and it is okay with it. But for this review, I dipped it with one of my calligraphy pens to get more width so we can see the shading a bit more."

"This ink is also fairly resistant to water. If you let the ink dry up more on the paper, it can hold very well. The testing below is after maybe 5 to 6 seconds of putting the ink on paper: "

"After brushing over a couple of times, the ink no longer dissolves and seems to be permanent after (more or less).
This ink reminds me of my Poussier de Lune (Herbin ink). the sample below is the two inks compared. The top one is Sakuranezumi the one below is the Poussiere ink: "

"To make the comparison more clear I sort did a brush test: "

"So the Sakuranezumi is less "magenta" than Poussiere...but in terms of writing feel, they are similar. That is, they write dry. While Pilot Iroshizuku ink has a definite rich liquidity feel (wetter?)...the Sakaruanezumi, like the Poussiere, writes like diluted acrylic ink (not sure how else to describe it) so like diluted acrylic ink, they are water soluble for the first few moments...after that they are kind of permanent.
This ink in a way is not a good combination for my Neo the pen has a hard start after a few hours of inactivity. It is probably a combination of the Neo Slim's nib with this dryish ink. It is unfortunate because the color goes so well with the pen.
Overall, this is sort of like a Japanese version of the Herbin ink line. It feels the same and has an ethereal color quality to it (very vintage / faded look). I do like the ink as an alternative to my Herbin, but I may be very selective as to the pen I use it with."

Many thanks to Lawrence for this great ink review, and the photos accompanying it!

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