Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 414

Today's newest acquisition is courtesy of Christopher, who got some really nice pen-related birthday gifts last month...

Christopher: "I believe one has to be a pretty deserving individual to be so well thought of on a birthday. And such was the case for me last month when my dear wife Chris gifted me with an extremely rare 1933 Jet Black Standard opaque finish Vacuum Filler fountain pen. But, and may I add, that this was by no means all. For my other gift, Chris gave me an equally rare Parker Plaskon Art Deco Christmas Bakelite gift box, finished in African Brown and ivory:

(all photos/ads courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)


"The pen I immediately restored and serviced, but the gift box I saved for a quiet weekend. Although it was in just perfect shape, the fountain pen and pencil set insert was long gone. These boxes were given away at Christmas time by the Parker Pen Company to those that bought the Vacumatic silver pearl Standard set."

"Still, the idea was that if the pens and pencils went their merry way, this box could be also used-- minus the pen set insert-- for lady’s jewellery or a gentleman’s cigarettes.

"So, the challenge now facing me was to replace the insert but, at the same time, I wanted to make the compartment underneath a good home for some other related Parker Vacumatics. I had some good references to work from but, instead of a plastic insert, I wanted to make this box insert addition from card. This involved visiting an art shop in Steveston just blocks from Nikaido. At the art shop, I looked at various matting boards until I found one which was just the right ivory cream. I also picked up some thinner card stock to make the tie down and bottom of the box cards. 

Next, I spent most of a morning measuring and cutting carefully so the insert pieces would fit perfectly. For the tie down cards, I cut the card stock and then attached dividers cut from the matting board. Both cards I then covered with an antique linen. Regarding the top tie down card, I then punched it, making holes to string the tie down cords for the pen and pencil set. Thankfully, I had the exact Standard Silver Pearl Vacumatic set for that card."

"In the bottom of the box, I was able to comfortably house the Jet Black Standard Vacuum Filler gift from Chris, a Burgundy Pearl first year Opaque finish 1932 Stubby with its mechanical pencil and, finally, a Jet Black Longitudinal window Vacumatic Junior Circa 1941. All jewels in my vintage pen collection. And finally, just as a crowning touch, I made the Parker Vacumatic black price card to sit upright at the back of the top of the box.  

Yes I am very pleased with these additions to my collection."

Christopher - Happy belated birthday greetings to you, and congratulations on a nice restoration job on the wonderful Parker Plaskon box :) Thank you so much for sharing more of your vintage treasures with us here on our blog -- your photos and informative pen reviews are greatly appreciated!

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