Sunday, October 9, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 429

Hope you're having a nice Thanksgiving long weekend and enjoying this sunny Fall weather!
Now, without further ado, here's one of Christopher's newest vintage finds....

Christopher: "When it comes to vintage Wahl Eversharp and the early 1930s, most pen collectors favour the Doric. Then again, at least some of them are unaware of the Doric’s roots. Like Parker with their Vacumatic, Eversharp chose to streamline their tubular flat top line of pens at the end of the 1920s, the result of which was the Wahl Eversharp Doric. The 14K Gold Filled Gold Seal medallion that had been sported as a warranty on the caps of the top-quality Wahl Eversharp pens during the 1920 was carried right through on to the top-end Doric models. But as much as so many favour the Doric, personally, like with the old tubular pre-streamlined Parker Vacumatics, I find a lot to like about the pre-Doric Gold Seal Personal Point fountain pens. They have a very solid attractive appearance and definitely sit well in hand.

(photos & ads courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Over the years, I have had a small number of these pens but, for the most part, in the smaller ladies size. So the other day, when I ran across a Standard size with a bit more clout to it, I was really impressed. Add to this an exquisite jet and pearl cream finish with lot of attractive 14K Gold filled banding on the cap and barrel and you have the general makeup of an outstanding vintage pen.

To add to this is a feature which sets this line of pens apart. The Wahl Eversharp Personal Point was an option which allowed the user the luxury of interchangeable nibs. And to this end, Wahl Eversharp had a wide range of 14 different ones. The nibs, of course, were all 14K Gold, very well made and finely ground. The Personal Point interchangeable nib was in turn mounted with its feed into a thin tube (with a threaded end) which, in turn, could be easily screwed into the grip section. Better still was the fact that the grip section insert to fit into the barrel was covered with thin metal, allowing the entire grip section complete with the Personal Point, feed etc. to be easily removed from the barrel for servicing or resacking.

I think most would agree that the Wahl Eversharp company was full of innovative ideas and definitely creative designs. In conclusion, I am very excited about applying this fine pen to paper and in turn adding it to my collection."

What a marvelous find! Christopher---thank you for the informative write-up and for sharing your newest acquisition with us!

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